Re: Question: SETI@home Error

Ron Blue (
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 23:05:02 -0400

As a guess SETI was running at the time you turned off the machine or it crashed and it is locked in a loop. For Windows98 I can use control-Alt-del keys to stop the loop and tell the SETI program not to be running. Now that you have solved the problem you have another problem. Getting SETI to run again. This could require you reset the screen saver options and time. You may have to start the program manually. For me, evertime the icon disappears and I start the program again I have to reset the screen saver options. Ron Blue ----- Original Message ----- From: Cecchini, Ron <Ron.Cecchini@GSC.GTE.Com> To: 'SETI' <> Sent: Thursday, June 03, 1999 7:42 PM Subject: Question: Subject: Question: SETI@home Error > > Sorry if i shouldn't be posting this here, but > it seems relevant enough... > > i'm running the Windows NT version, & ever since > rebooting yesterday, i've been getting a "Cannot > create file" error. > > i seem to be having some trouble running another > (unrelated) piece of software, so i'm wondering > if something is in fact going on w/ my machine. > > any pointers? > > thanx > ron >

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