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SETI Fresnel Antenna

Glenn McLaren ( )
Mon, 31 May 1999 19:22:35 -0400

Hi ,

I was wondering if anyone has actually built the fresnel antenna as
described at ? If so, how does it's
efficiency compare
with a dish of the same diameter ? Any information on the construction
techniques used
would also be very welcome.
I have written a Delphi program based on the Basic program shown on the
above web
page. If someone could verify the results I'm getting I would be most
greatful. The program
runs on NT/95/98. I suspect I might have a few bugs as the output from
the program
currently indicates VERY narrow beamwidths. It's also pretty slow.
Email me and I'll send you a copy (or an output file if you prefer). Let
me know if you
would like the source.


Glenn McLaren