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Re: SETI@home personal stats

Jarmo Korteniemi ( )
Mon, 31 May 1999 01:12:04 +0300

How about this:

I use two machines (I've been using the home pc for.. 10-15 days and office
pc for 2 days) and I've recieved 10 packets so far to process. But the
statistics show that I've already sent back 39 packets!!!
And, furthermore, the total processing time reported in the statistics is
1027 hours. That's like 40 days or something (fulltime!), and since I've
been using the 2nd machine only for 2 days, it leaves at least 38 full days
for my home machine. It's quite impossible: seti@home for windows has been
here for.. err.. 15 days? 20?

This seems to be quite an error in the stats departement.

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