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SETI Your personal Argus receiving station
Fri, 28 May 1999 01:07:10 EDT

TO: SetiLeague Members. I see a light at the end of the tunnel for a great
many more of our members to have their own station. There are 72 members out
of a thousand members now operating a station. Perhaps only 200 additional
members are building a station. The two major constraints are time and
money: TIME to slog through all the options of antennas, feeds, receivers,
amplifiers, etc. and MONEY to buy it all. I suspect the ICOM R8500 Scanner
is now out of the financial reach of most of the members. As an example of
time required, I was recently telling a friend that I'm installing a
mini-dish for satellite TV, and he replied that he would really like to have
satellite TV but he does NOT have the time to sift through the increasing
complexity of dual LNB's to feed multiple TV's, quality of coax, RF versus
infrared room-to-room control, etc. And almost everyone watches TV! To get
to the point, once we locate a receiver, or scanner, that meets our needs AND
is reasonably priced, all the other pieces will fall into place. We are
searching for such a receiver. Regarding the antenna and feed, the vision of
a big dish for everyone just won't work. Many like myself have a small space
for only a small dish so I have to use a helix feed. Others cannot have a
dish because of local covenants and must resort to a multiple helix antenna
or yagi. Others have to hide their antenna in the attic. I feel we can come
up with a few models for antenna and feed that will satisfy most members and
at a reasonable cost. Concerning coax, I cannot count the hours I've
researched the different brands and qualities of coax on the market. We
should recommend to you what you need and where you can get it. LNA's are
relatively inexpensive. Most, if not all, of you already have a computer.
The system should be one that can be assembled with the same ease as
connecting a stereo receiver and speakers. Don't give up. I am sad that
other projects like HOMESeti are taking a front seat. Such projects are
important, and I will eventually join in. But our involvement is such
projects is passive. Kind of like being a fan at a sports event. I'd much
rather be a player on the field directly involved in the action. Thanks for
listening. Lee. Hardware.