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Re: SETI Another Argus Project?

Dr. H. Paul Shuch ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 May 1999 17:37:09 -0400

At 12:23 PM 5/27/99 -0700, John Bush wrote:
>Did S&T get this right? Is the SETI Institute really naming their
>antenna-array project at OSU Project Argus?

Not exactly. And it's not really the SETI Institute's project, althought
they have contributed some funding. Bob Dixon's multi-element SETI antenna
design at OSU is called an Argus Array, or Argus Antenna. He never
referred to it as "project" Argus, and is aware of our use of the term.
When The SETI League announced our choice of names for our search, Carl
Sagan (who used "Project Argus" for his search in the novel 'Contact')
jokingly accused me of stealing the name from him. My response was, "No,
Carl; I stole it from the same place you did: Arthur Clarke's 'Imperial

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