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SETI Sagan: Contact quote

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>Subject: Sagan: Contact quote
>A quote from _Contact_ (c) 1985
>"So why had we received no signal? Could Dave possibly be right? No
>extraterrestrial civilizations anywhere? All those billions of worlds
going to
>waste, lifeless, barren? Intelligent beings growing up only in this obscure
>corner of an incomprehensibly vast universe? No matter how valiantly she
>Ellie couldn
>?t make herself take such a possibility seriously. It dovetailed
>perfectly with human fears and pretentions, with unproved doctrines about
>life-after-death, with such pseudosciences as astrology. It was the modern
>incarnation of the geocentric solipsism, the conceit that had captured our
>ancestors, the notion that we were the center of the universe. Drumlin?s
>argument was suspect on these grounds alone. We wanted to believe it too
>(If you've seen the movie, but haven't yet read the book...please do so now.)