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SETI Another Argus Project?

John Bush ( )
Thu, 27 May 1999 12:23:39 -0700 (PDT)

Too Many Projects, Too Few Greek Gods

The July '99 Sky and Telescope has an article on the SETI Institute / Univ
of CA One Hectare Telescope in 'News Notes', titled "Giant SETI Radio
Telescope Planned". Towards the article's end there is description of
another SETI Institute project. It reads in part:

'The SETI Institute is also funding an effort at Ohio State University to
push antenna-array technology one step further. Under the name of Project
Argus, Robert Ellison and Steve Ellington are designing a fully "steerable"
radio telescope with no moving parts...'

I couldn't find this news item at S&T's www site
Perhaps someone with sharper eyes can find it online. Otherwise you can read
the full article on page 22 of the July issue.

Did S&T get this right? Is the SETI Institute really naming their
antenna-array project at OSU Project Argus? Or are they just one of the 70+
SETI_League Argus stations?