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SETI Re: Argus: Monitoring Times Article

Larry Klaes ( )
Thu, 27 May 1999 08:26:35 -0400

Here is the Monitoring Times Web page with abstracts
on Dr. Shuch's SETI article, a piece by Larry van Horn on
radio astronomy frequencies, and how to pick up live images
from the Russian Mir space station in Earth orbit:

Cover Story

Join in the Search for ET

By Paul Shuch

The search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI) using
radio astronomy has moved from the domain of government projects
into the backyards of ordinary men and women. The SETI
League helps to provide the leadership, fundraising and
instruction for the grassroots effort. Paul Shuch,
founder of the SETI League, explains the search and what
equipment you will need to join this worldwide project.
To make it even easier, Grove Enterprises now sells a
complete SETI package -- minus only the reflector dish.

Cover photos: Paul Shuch's backyard SETI dish, courtesy
Paul Shuch; Jodi Foster, star of the movie Contact,
courtesy Warner Brothers studios; background image of
Orion Nebula courtesy C.R. O'Dell and NASA.

Whispers from the Cosmos

By Larry Van Horn

Have you always wondered what frequencies are used in radio astronomy, and
why? How can you know if the static on your
receiver could potentially be from outer space? MT's assistant
editor provides the amateur's guide to the radio astronomy

Live Pictures from the Mir Space Station

By Farrell Winder

Intelligent life from space isn't that hard to pick up. All
you need is an inexpensive slow scan TV (SSTV) system
to receive live pictures from the Russian Mir spacecraft!


At 06:01 PM 05/26/1999 -0500, Ray Shank wrote:

>I just got my June, 1999 copy of Monitoring Times. There is a very nice
>article titled "Join in the Search for Alien Intelligence," which does a
>pretty nice job of highlighting The SETI League and the quest in
>general. I highly recommend those of you who receive it or see it on the
>news stands, to look at this cover article.
>I believe it will go a long way to add to the goals of the SETI League.
>Very nice article Doc.
>Ray Shank -
>Argus Observatory EM26eh
>Construction Site