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SETI@home: NOT our project!

Dr. H. Paul Shuch ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 May 1999 07:14:27 -0400

The following is typical of perhaps a hundred emails I have received since
the May 17 launch of SETI@home:

> Several days ago, after completing my first batch of SETI data, I
>attempted to upload it to you. This failed a few times, I finally got a
new >batch of data, but my SETI screen indicates that I have not completed
any >previous batches. Did you receive my data? If not, let me know how I
can re->transmit it to you. Please advise.

As most members of these Lists are aware, SETI@home is NOT a SETI League
initiative. We did NOT receive funding from Paramount Pictures, Sun
Microsystems, SETI Institute, Planetary Society and others to allow us to
support SETI@home; the Berkeley Serendip team did. We barely have the
resources to provide technical support on our own projects, to our 1000
dues-paying members, much less to the 400,000 people who have signed up for

Please help me spread the word. We (The SETI League) are very pro
SETI@home, but I *cannot* respond to emails such as the above! The proper
place for SETI@home bug reports is the hotlink on their web page, at

That said, we wish SETI@home the greatest possible success, and have it
installed on all our computers (and, yes, we have teh same upload/download
problems everybody else is experiencing).

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