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Elisabeth Piotelat ( )
Wed, 26 May 1999 09:48:46 +0200

Hi Jean Pierre, wrote:
> You most certainly can be of help, and productive in this field. You should
> Join the Seti League, then read Elizabeth Piotelat's web site in French.

You'll find it here :

There's some of translations in french from the great SETI League site :

You'll see that a mailing list in french has been created, that a student did a report on extraterrestrial life, and that another wrote a petition.

> After that, help will be needed in implementing the soon to be released
> Project Argus Observatory Operating System. In particular, modules will need
> to be written and optimized. You can also consider putting up an Argus
> station. Just keep reading the posts to this list, and respond if you feel
> like it.

That would be very helpfull.

A group of student preparing PhD in Nancy told me they were building an Argus station.
They are looking for an antenna...

In France, every thing need to be discovered! There's a lot to do, and your skill will be appreciated.