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Tue, 25 May 1999 20:31:55 EDT

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> Jean-Pierre Marin wrote:
> >
> > Hello.
> > Sorry for the syntax and the look of this mail, but there are at least
> > two reasons:
> > - I'm French
> > - It is the first contact with the SETI stuff
> >
> > However, I would like to be helpfull with SETI's project, so I wish to
> > propose my competence and media for this.
> > I am an Engineer, graduated in electronics, micro electronics and
> > industrial informatic.I have been specialized in communications
> > protocols and encrypt/compress/decompress/decrypt algorithms. I own
> > several computers (one is a P-II 300 with 64Mo).
> > So, if someone think I could be helpfull in trying original methods for
> > finding coherent signal in the universe's radio noises, please do
> > contact me, at or
> >
> > I would be proud to take some kind of part in SETI's project.
> >
> > Faithfully!
> I received this email a couple days ago. Would anyone like to send this
> fellow a few words of encouragement?
> Thanks,
> Steve

You most certainly can be of help, and productive in this field. You should
Join the Seti League, then read Elizabeth Piotelet's web site in French.
After that, help will be needed in implementing the soon to be released
Project Argus Observatory Operating System. In particular, modules will need
to be written and optimized. You can also consider putting up an Argus
station. Just keep reading the posts to this list, and respond if you feel
like it.

Also, work needs to be done to design higher bandwidth digitizers, something
that could say, bring 10.7 mhz down to 100 khz, and then digitize 0 to 200
khz (or wider) with a 400,000 sample per second digitizer. This should be
able to be done cheaply, if someone would do the design work.

Also, if someone could program an FFT algorithm into one of the very fast new
DSP chips, we could significantly increase our search efficiency. Many of
these chips are also ADC's that are very fast, and would accomplish quick
digitizing samplers.

There are people working on these things, but you could obviously help with
many of them, given your professional background.

Just my two cents.

John Marcus.