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>Subject: [ASTRO] Mars Surveyor '98 Mission Participating Scientist Program
Announcement Of Opportunity
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>The Mars Surveyor '98 Mission Participating Scientist Program
>Announcement of Opportunity is now available at:
>A partial excerpt from the Announcement of Opportunity is below.
>Ron Baalke
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>1.1 Introduction
>This National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Announcement of
>Opportunity (AO) solicits proposals for Participating Scientist (PS)
>investigations on the Mars Surveyor (MS) '98 Mission. The scientific
>objectives of Mars Surveyor '98 are to advance our understanding of the Mars
>climate history. The important role of volatiles, especially water, and the
>strong evidence for both long-term and episodic climate change are some of
>the most compelling reasons for exploration of Mars. This theme is addressed
>by the science investigations selected for Mars Surveyor '98 mission.
>Principal Investigators (PI's) of selected proposals for this opportunity
>will become PS's and join the appropriate Mars Climate Orbiter (MCO) or Mars
>Polar Lander (MPL) Science Investigation depending on the nature of their
>proposals. PS investigations are being sought for participation on the
>science teams of the Mars Color Imager (MARCI) on MCO and for the Mars
>Volatiles and Climate Surveyor (MVACS), the Mars Descent Imager (MARDI), and
>the Light Distance and Ranging (LIDAR) instrument on MPL. PS's were selected
>by a previous AO for the Pulse Modulator Infrared Radiometer (PMIRR).
>Participating Scientist proposals include investigations that are instrument
>specific or interdisciplinary in nature and must include both science
>analysis and an operational component in order to be considered. It is
>anticipated that about 7-10 investigations will be selected. It is also
>anticipated that investigations will be limited to about $35-45K per year
>and start in mid CY 1999 and continue through CY 2000 for MPL and through CY
>2001 for MCO. Investigations are being sought, but are by no means limited
>to, those that investigate soil mechanical properties as determined from the
>mechanical arm and other sources, atmospheric structure measured during
>entry and while aerobraking, and radio science.
>The selected PS's will coordinate their activities and analysis with the
>present PI's and Co-Investigators (Co-I) on Mars Surveyor '98. PS's selected
>under this AO will have full rights of access to mission data and be
>expected to participate in data analysis, archiving, and publication as do
>Co-I's on the particular investigation to which the PS's are attached. The
>selected PS's will coordinate their activities and analysis with the present
>mission PI's and Co-I's on Mars Surveyor '98.
>1.2 Responsibilities of Participating Scientist
>Each selected PS will participate in mission operations. There is no
>distinction between PS's that propose to use the data from one instrument
>compared with those that propose to use data from a variety of instruments.
>However, each PS will be assigned to an instrument investigation. Section 2
>lists the MS '98 instruments and PI's.
>The role of the PS is to:
> * Provide science input for mission planning and instrument operations
> and calibrations;
> * Reduce and validate scientific data;
> * Analyze, interpret, and publish results and findings in peer reviewed
> literature;
> * Prepare raw and reduced data for archiving for future use by the
> scientific community; and
> * Support education and public outreach efforts of the Mars Surveyor '98
> Mission.