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Re: SETI Gravitational Lenses for Interstellar Communication

Gerry Cavan ( )
Mon, 24 May 1999 17:44:36 -0400

Larry Klaes wrote:

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> >V.R. Eshleman, "Gravitational Lens of the Sun: Its Potential for
> >Observations and Communications Over Interstellar Distances," Science, 205
> >(1979): 1133-1135.
> >
> >I ran across this citation in a text on interstellar propulsion. The
> >article claims that gravitational lensing by the Sun can be used to amplify
> >signals from stars in occultation with it. Has anybody read it? I would
> >imagine that there would be too much noise from the Sun requiring a very
> >narrow beam widths for this to work. Comments on using this in our search
> >strategy?
> >
> >

I quote from Frank Drake's book Is Anyone Out There?.

"Even Cyclops is tiny compared to the solar gravitational lens. In terms of
SETI's goals,
the Sun's enormous collecting area can pick up radio signals sent by
transmitters as small as waikie-talkies
from clear across the Milky Way." End of quote.

It would sure help my 10 ft. dish , if it would pass through the focal point
of some gravitational lens at the right time.