archive: Re: SETI@Home speed setting

Re: SETI@Home speed setting

David Woolley ( )
Sun, 23 May 1999 11:53:42 +0100 (BST)

> Would anyone share info on obtaining Linux operating sys, cost, system

Obtaining., or, for commercial CDs.
Practically any Unix archive machine, to download.

Cost, media costs/internet access costs to about US$35 for an Infomagic
6 CD set containing multiple versions.

> requirements, etc.? I've halved the processing time with the blank screen

System requirements to run core Linux: 386 SX 16 with 4MB RAM and 20MB hard
disk upwards, although a 386 will not run setiathome sensibly without a
co-processor, and you need more RAM (or swap space) for it. More
realistically, for this application, 40MB hard disk, 16MB of RAM and
the fastest CPU you can find; you will not get significant benefit in
performance by increasing disk and RAM above these figures.

You might want to consider the Slackware zipped version which you can
install into a FAT partition. For general use you would want a Linux native
partition, but this application is not disk intensive. The Slackware zipped
one might need extra packages to support TCP/IP.

The real benefit you get from Linux here is running a very clean system which
is dedicating nearly all its resources to seti@home.