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RE: SETI The Drake Equation - Theology

Larry Klaes ( )
Fri, 21 May 1999 14:54:58 -0400

Imagine an image of Christ nailed on the cross being
sent to an ETI with the words "This is the primary
symbol of one of the major human religions of Earth".


At 07:47 PM 05/21/1999 +0100, Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes wrote:

>> something important to Seti. If and when we receive a signal,
>> what might it
>> consist of? A religious message might be the content. It is
>It's possible - but then again all bets in this arena are a-priori. A
>religious message is likely to be ambiguous.
>We've not fared well on earth trying to promote one religion over another -
>an advanced civilization is likely to have been burned internally just as we
>have and think twice about it.
>Imagine if we sent a greeting with religious content tomorrow. How many
>people would it upset?
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