archive: Re: SETI The Drake Equation - Theology

Re: SETI The Drake Equation - Theology

Jas ( )
Fri, 21 May 1999 14:34:37 -0400

I imagine that any message would automatically be a scientific and theological
breakthrough at once, and we'll have beaucoup time to decide what it means, even
if it's just ET calling mom to say he'll be late for dinner. It's still
intrigues one to think that in one instant we may have to reinvent our way of
thinking.....our society.....our civilization. I'm excited!
Joe Assenza

> Now that I have thought about it a little more, I have come to realize
> something important to Seti. If and when we receive a signal, what might it
> consist of? A religious message might be the content. It is way up on the
> list of possible messages. It might be a scientific and a theological
> breakthrough at once! These discussions have more pertinence then I
> originally thought.

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