archive: SETI [ASTRO] Space Technology Lecture On May 20 & 21

SETI [ASTRO] Space Technology Lecture On May 20 & 21

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Thu, 20 May 1999 16:31:09 -0400

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>Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 19:54:23 GMT
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>Subject: [ASTRO] Space Technology Lecture On May 20 & 21
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>Mike Sander, Director for JPL's Technology and Applications Programs will
>be speaking at the vonKarman Lecture series today and tomorrow on
>technologies developed from space exploration, technologies for future
>missions, and technologies benefiting the public today.
>Using some never before seen graphics & pictures, he will cover such topics
>as robotic outposts, "labs in a teacup", the past and future of imaging and
>camera development, technologies for "seeing" the data, interstellar
>mission technology, and how technologies developed for space exploration
>are in public use today.
>It will be fascinating, and fun. All welcome.
>Technologies of the Future - Today:
>New Technologies Benefit U.S. Industry
> Thursday, May 20, JPL, 4800 Oak Grove Dr., Pasadena
> Friday, May 21, The Forum at Pasadena City College, 1570
> Colorado Blvd.
> Both lectures begin at 7 p.m.
> Admission is free. Seating is limited.
> For more information, call (818) 354-5011
> Please note that parking at PCC will be difficult due to
> graduation.
> When JPL-managed missions need specific technologies and
> instruments to enable their science goals, they come to
> Technology Applications Program, which creates new
> technologies at the highest levels of excellence. JPL's
> Technology
> Program, serving both NASA and non-NASA sponsors, develops
> advanced technologies that help JPL to do what no one
else has
> done before. In addition, its dynamic Commercial Technology
> Transfer/Regional Development Program then takes every step
> possible to make these new technologies available for the
> advancement of U.S. industry.