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SETI Protostars and Planets IV

Larry Klaes ( )
Thu, 20 May 1999 13:47:13 -0400


>From Sara Russell <>

Preprint versions of all the review chapters from the
Protostars and Planets IV book have been pasted on our
website, with the permission of the publishers,
University of Arizona Press.

Preprints can be downloaded from:

Protostars and Planets IV comprises 49 reviews by 166
collaborating authors. It is divided into eight sections:

Molecular Clouds and Star Formation
Circumstellar Envelopes and Disks
Young Binaries
Jets and Outflows
Early Solar System and Planet Formation
Comets and the Kuiper Belt
Extrasolar Planets and Brown Dwarfs
Initial Conditions for Astrobiology

Editors: V. Mannings, A. P. Boss, & S. S. Russell