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Re: SETI The Drake Equation

Dr. H. Paul Shuch ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 May 1999 08:56:30 -0400

>At 04:37 PM 05/17/1999 CST6CDT,4,1, Greg Loeb wrote:

>In many of Larry's forwarded mail from some
>>kind of SETI organization, I see the quote "We know we are not alone!" at
>>end of each mail. What do they mean by know? Where's the evidence?

At 08:22 AM 5/18/99 -0400, Larry Klaes replied:

>That organization is called The SETI League and their
>goal is to involve amateur astronomers in the search
>for alien intelligences with their own radio and optical
>Executive Director Dr. Paul Shuch uses the phrase above
>not to imply that he has some kind of Area 51-type knowledge
>of extraterrestrial life, but that he and those who participate
>in The SETI League are convinced that other evolved beings are
>out there in space and that they will find them in time by
>diligent exploration of the skies.

Dr. Shuch adds:

That question comes up from time to time. "We Know We'r Not Alone" is a
metaphor, not a claim of inside knowledge, or an assertion of a coverup.
It was intended as a play on words. We (members of The SETI League) know
we're not alone (in our interest in SETI). After all, there are over 1000
of us, in 52 countries, in this one organization, and there are several
other SETI organizations!
Of course, if YOU join us, we'll be that much less alone.
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"We Know We're Not Alone!"