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Clements, Robert ( (no email) )
Mon, 17 May 1999 16:35:09 +1000

Managed to send a blank message there (it's been one of those days!).

Lightcraft seem to be one of the better funded emergent technologies;
with a fairly healthy mix of (US-American) DofD & NASA to pay the
lightbills: as a result; it seems to be generating solid, promising
results. Not sure the current design is really aimed at the tourist
market, though: passengers have to be swished into survival pods to
avoid collatoral accelerative damage. The big link on the concept is @:

My (very definitely outsider's) guess: with sustained funding,
lightcraft could be a usable technology for launching robotics within a
decade or so (people-moving will take a little longer). Makes you wonder
how long the market for SSTO (or even the simpler multistage reusable)
rockets will actually last....

All the best,

Robert Clements <>

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>BTW: Anyone got any recent info on that "light-ship" project - powering
>a curved-mirror of a ship using ground-based lasers?
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