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Re: SETI The assumption

Jas ( )
Sun, 16 May 1999 23:36:29 -0400

I don't doubt that there are many energy sources to be harnessed in space. What
I expect is that the concept of propelling some craft can never attain a speed
by which anyone can arrive somewhere in their lifetime, return to their home, or
communicate in either direction. 186,000 miles per second isn't fast enough.
There must be some other 'transport' mechanism found for intersteller and
intergalactic travel to make it feasible. When it is found, Arecibo will become
a huge planter for banana trees.
J. Assenza

"Clements, Robert" wrote:
> Your basic assumption is wrong: assuming that advanced technological
> intelligences are capable of living longer than the biblical three score
> years & ten (something which is basically truer of the human race even
> now), there are already a number of relativistic techniques on the table
> which make interstellar travel possible.
> (Intergalactic travel, on the other hand...)
> The simplest to builds seems (currently) to be solar sails; with beamed
> energy as a secondary (or even primary) power source. Theoretically: one
> could create a kind of highway of beamed energy between two nearby star
> systems, along which sailcraft could silently flow; & (assuming an
> efficient means of turning stellar energy into a concentrated beam), the
> process would essentially run on maintainence only....
> All the best,
> Robert Clements <>
> <>
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> >From: Jas[]
> >Sent: Saturday, May 15, 1999 12:29 AM
> >To: Carl Sagan List;
> >Subject: SETI The assumption
> >
> >Being new to this discussion, I will undoubedly raise questions that have
> >already been discussed.
> >I will certainly use the screen saver, given the choice between flying
> >windows,
> >etc.
> >The premise of SETI is that any civilization will eventually discover, use
> >and
> >emit high frequency signals into the universe. What if this (fact) is merely
> >a
> >temporary phase for a century or two, followed by discovery of something much
> >better? After all, space exploration will require something much faster than
> >the speed of light to travel and communicate.
> >The search could be for something so rare that discovery is nearly
> >impossible.
> >Joe Assenza
> >

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