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Re: SETI@home - Windows + Mac Platforms
Sun, 16 May 1999 22:27:29 EDT

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> However, if they expect support from the business community then these
> problems should have been ironed out in the beta stage - they had plenty of
> offers and only chose 100. I'm already wondering if it should be consigned
> to the recycle bin. Distributed computing projects as a whole have been
> plagued with software problems in the past that have caused a major drop
> in interest and if this is what is to be expected of SETI@home after all
> hype then I won't hold my breath for success.

Cut em a little slack, will you? This has never been done before. When they
get it working, it will be a blueprint for future endeavors of this type.
Even commercial interests need to follow this. One day surplus CPU cycles
might be bought and sold like electricity on the spot market. Although, with
Moores law, CPU cycles are pretty cheap already.

> A failure in the
> software/hardware for such a high profile SETI project could do irrevocable
> harm to the image of SETI as a whole.

Don't worry so much. A success of such a high profile project can do nothing
but good for seti. So what if they have a lot of work to do yet.

> Combine this with the shortcomings of targeted search and small recording
> window ...
> Better not turn my Argus station into a golf course yet!

No, better keep working on that Argus station.