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RE: SETI@home - Windows + Mac Platforms

Markus Landgren ( )
Sat, 15 May 1999 08:45:18 +0200

At 00:38 1999-05-15 +0100, you wrote:

>However, if they expect support from the business community then these
>problems should have been ironed out in the beta stage - they had plenty of
>offers and only chose 100. I'm already wondering if it should be consigned
>to the recycle bin. Distributed computing projects as a whole have been
>plagued with software problems in the past that have caused a major drop off
>in interest and if this is what is to be expected of SETI@home after all the
>hype then I won't hold my breath for success. A failure in the
>software/hardware for such a high profile SETI project could do irrevocable
>harm to the image of SETI as a whole.

Distributed computing projects have hade their share of problems in the
past, that's true. But with that in mind, I think this version 1.0 of
the SETI@home client works remarkably well. The only thing that bugs me
is that they didn't set it to run at a lower priority, but the installer
tells you not to run the client in the background if you notice that it
affects your system performance. So, I wouldn't call that "a failure in
the software". To me, a failure in the software is when the client is
harmful to the system it runs on, or when it sends back garbage data. I
have seen no indications of that happening.

The 10060 error is probably just a temporary problem with the SETI@home
server, or a network problem somewhere between the server and your

>Combine this with the shortcomings of targeted search and small recording
>window ...
>Better not turn my Argus station into a golf course yet!

You're absolutely right! The best search strategy is a mix of search