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SETI Call for Papers

Larry Klaes ( )
Fri, 14 May 1999 12:39:37 -0400

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>Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 10:46:59 -0400
>From: Roger Launius <>
>Subject: Call for Papers
>Hi All:
>I have been asked to disseminate the following announcement of a call for
>papers for publication. Please respond to the individuals names below if
>you have an interest in participating in this project.
>Roger D. Launius
>Dear Colleague,
>In the summer of 1997 (you may remember) we sent out an e-mail looking for
>people interested in presenting papers at a conference entitled 'Stories
>from Space - Reading and Writing the Cosmos' to be held at the University
>of North London. Unfortunately, the conference was dependent on an
>internal funding source which fell through and we had to abandon it.
>However, we were very pleased with the responses that we got to the project
>and have decided that it would be a shame to let the whole thing go. What
>we are now planning is a collection of essays on the same topic, so we are
>looking once again for proposals from anyone interested in the subject.
>The aim of the book will be to explore the meanings of space exploration
>from a range of cultural and disciplinary perspectives and to analyse the
>kinds of stories which space exploration tells about itself. We are
>looking primarily for academic papers, but would also be interested in
>creative writing or visual images, since we want the book to reflect the
>complex and multiple ways in which space exploration informs and is
>informed by contemporary culture.
>Possible topics for papers might include:
>1. The shifting meaning of space exploration from the 1950s to the present.
>2. Comparative analyses of US and Soviet/Russian space projects.
>3. Space as a means for remapping terrestrial concerns.
>4. Anxieties and fantasies about eg., human identity, illness, otherness,
>gender, science, the millenium.
>5. The interactions between space exploration and science fiction.
>6. Reinterpretations of space exploration from marginalised positions.
>7. The interaction of political, economic and scientific concerns in space
>exploration, Space imaging technologies and the visual arts.
>8. Outer space and architectural spaces.
>Please send proposals of 500 words to either or
> by 30 July, 1999.
>Looking forward to hearing from you,
>Megan Stern & Debbie Shaw