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SETI [ASTRO] Planetarium - Shades of Big Ear

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>Subject: [ASTRO] Planetarium
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>Hi Folks
> Once again it seems that greed overcomes common sense. I just read
>in the local paper that the city of Montreal, here in Quebec, Canada is
>studying the feasibility of moving the planetarium from its present site
>of 35 years, near the downtown area, to a site about 15 Kilometers away
>in the east end of the city. The rational is that it would be near
>another science exhibit, the biodome.
> In reality the land where it is situated is prime land and near
>where a proposed new baseball stadium is to be built. I am willing to
>bet that if the structure is torn down to be moved, it will be years (if
>ever) before there will be another one built.
> It continues to show traditional planetarium shows and is quite
>popular with students and adults. I've been going on and off for the
>past 30 years and I still find it a nice relaxing, educating, and
>entertaining event.
>Harvey Brown