archive: SETI H peaks

SETI H peaks

Rich Tyndall ( (no email) )
Thu, 13 May 1999 22:45:03 -0400

After scanning far and wide, I've come back to 1420.4056.
I'm seeing some peaks that don't look the same as they did
a few months ago..

At -8d 32m declination I'm seeing a very narrow (and strong) peak at 18
hours RA.
I expected a wider peak at the galactic core. This looks like a sun shot but
narrower at the base.

There is a very broad peak at 14h 20m RA. It's about 90 minutes wide at the
somewhat flat-topped peak. I don't recall seeing anything in that area

Anyhow, is anyone else looking at hydrogen this month? I would be interested
to hear from anyone seeing similar charts..

73, Rich<>