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Re: Volcor: SETI Petition

Larry Klaes ( )
Wed, 12 May 1999 13:48:47 -0400

The June issue of Astronomy magazine has an article
on Big Ear's creator, John Kraus. The article includes
a very sad photograph of what the area looks like now.

To quote from the article's last paragraph:

"Still, Kraus laments the priorities that led to the
Big Ear's demise. 'We opened a window on the Universe
and now it has been slammed shut. In a confrontation
between the galaxy and golf, golf won. We had 750 golf
courses in Ohio. Now we have one more. And the Midwest
has gone from one radio telescope to zero. Big Ear
discovered objects at the edge of the Universe, and now
it is a putting green."

The same issue also includes a news item on Optical SETI's
growing acceptance in the Microwave SETI field and an
online article about detecting neutrinos, which may be
one way very advanced ETI communicate with each other
across the galaxy (and beyond):


At 02:40 PM 05/12/1999 +0200, Elisabeth Piotelat wrote:

>Dear Volcors,
>Sebastien, a young student (18 years old) sent me a petition last week.
>If you understand french, you can read it here:

>He read an article about the Big Ear antenna, and found it unbelievable
that a scientific place could be tranformed in leasure for rich people.
>He wants the french governement to give money to the Nancay
radiotelescope, in order to have here a system to listen to thousand
channels in the same times.
>Therefore, he asks people to send him some words, some signatures. He will
gather it and send them to our Minister for Education and Research.
>I was very happy to see so much enthousiasm coming from someone that is
not really implicated in SETI. I forwarded it to astronomers that work in
Nancay (Biraud, van Driel) but got no feedback.
>I put this petition on my web site 2 days ago.
>Few hours later, I found it in other web sites and in the french astronomy
newsgroup. He seems not to be the only one to have such dreams :-)