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Re: SETI Mailing List Wanted!

Chris Boyce ( (no email) )
Sun, 9 May 1999 08:12:13 +0100

My two pennies worth,
Larry's posts are an essential part of my day. Like articles in a
newspaper, I don't read them all but the subject lines alone let me know
where there's activity in areas related to the field of SETI. Some I capture
simply on impulse. Others I follow up on the spot.
My feeling about him fleshing out his posts with summaries is that, as
it is, I think he does a remarkable service to the whole on-line astronomy
community, not just to this list. Expecting more is simply silly. David, if
you want a 'better' service, I suggest that you should find an online
researcher who will provide something closely tailored to your requirements,
obviously for a fee.
Personally I'll continue to subscribe to Larry Klae's remarkable
quasi-encyclopaedic postings via this and another list for as long as he
continues making the Herculean effort he obviously does.
And best of all (what really tickles this Scotsman's heart) - it's free!

Best regards

Chris Boyce

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> Greetings All,
> For my part, about 90% of Larry's re-postings are redundant. By the time
> they reach my mail box, I've received them from the original source or
> seen the original web page. That's why I filter out Larry's postings (er,
> mean RE-postings).
> If even one person on the list likes receiving the reposts, then Larry
> continue
> doing what he's been doing...that's what filters are for!
> Greg
> David Woolley wrote:
> > Does anyone know of a good mailing list which is well focussed on
> > SETI. The list seems to be almost exclusively re-postings
> > on general space science and space advocacy issues, which
> > rarely seem to have any direct SETI relevance and virtually never
> > an explanation of their SETI relevance. I have long since stopped
> > reading most of the articles by the main re-poster.