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Re: SETI [ASTRO] SN 1999ca in NGC 3120

Colin Crook ( )
Sun, 9 May 1999 20:01:05 +0100

***you wrote***
*The concept is to beam signals in the direction away
*from a supernova event, in the hope that astronomers
*would be observing what is usually the brightest object
*in the galaxy and suddenly detect the artificial signals
*in the process.

*One would hope, though, that there aren't ETI who
*deliberately cause stars to explode in order to get
*the attention of others in the galaxy.

They (the ETI) would probably say "why not?" How heavy would it
weigh on their conscience if they explode an uninhabited star with little
or no potential interest to them and in so-by doing it, create a bright
point of light in the sky.Sure they might lose a star forever,but if they
could be certain of Contact, Would it be worth it to them? Would the amount
of information they could gain justify the loss of a star? Its kind-of
spooky when you think about it...

"So many radio emissions,So few dishes"
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