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Re: SETI Mailing List Wanted!

Elisabeth Piotelat ( )
Thu, 06 May 1999 10:48:23 +0200


I've created a mailing list for seti discussions in french. ( where I forward most of Larry's messages :-)
I've asked the subscribers what they thought about that and there was a general approval.

We also had discussions about what was related on SETI and what was not. And it's really difficult to choose.

Is there a link between SETI and Big Bang ? between SETI and Monty Python ?
I think we can always find something to say "Yes! of course".

Before joining the SETI League and building an Argus station, I think each of us came to SETI thanks to a special interest in an other field. For me, it was astronomy and computing. But for others it could have been mathematics, philosophy, sociology, electronics, science-fiction...

Now, imagine that each subscriber of the mailing list represents an ETI. I hope that somewhere in space there's someone like Larry Klaes to send general info to the galaxy :-)