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SETI A distant galaxy named Sharon...

Larry Klaes ( )
Tue, 04 May 1999 08:32:42 -0400

To quote in part:

"Perhaps on one of those planets [in the Sharon Galaxy]
intelligent life has evolved and is looking our way.
What would they see?

"They would see our Milky Way Galaxy as a dot of light on
the threshold of time, 13 billion years in the past - a
galaxy without Earthlike planets, without life, without

"They would see our galaxy in its infancy, hot and lively,
stewing up the atoms that will someday compose the Sun, the
Earth, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the bodies of the men
and women who use the scope to explore cosmic history.

"In other words, our galaxy would appear to Sharonites - if
such exist - more or less as their galaxy appears to us."

Images of distant galaxies from HST: