archive: SETI [ASTRO] SN 1999bz in UGC 8959

SETI [ASTRO] SN 1999bz in UGC 8959

Larry Klaes ( )
Tue, 04 May 1999 07:27:11 -0400

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>Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 12:31:45 +0900 (JST)
>From: Hitoshi YAMAOKA <>
>Subject: [ASTRO] SN 1999bz in UGC 8959
>Reply-To: Hitoshi YAMAOKA <>
>Dear SN watchers,
> IAUC 7157 informed that LOSS KAIT team reported a new object in the
>dim face-on spiral galaxy (RC3 classified it as Sm) UGC 8959. The
>location of this object is: R.A. = 14h01m46s.75, Decl. = +68o52'46".5
>(2000.0), which is about 12" west and 8" north from the core of UGC
>8959. In the RC3, the coordinate of UGC 8959 is poor; the center of
>UGC 8959 is about R.A. = 14h01m49s.26, Decl. = +68o52'36".9 (2000.0).
> The position of SN 1999bz is coincident with the spiral arm of the
>host. Along the arms, the bright HII regions (probably) exist; whose
>offsets from nucleus are 16"E4"N, 4"E17"N. There is a small
>(accompanied?) elliptical galaxy at about 3"W45"N from the nucleus of
>UGC 8959, and a foreground star at 7"W52"N from the core of UGC 8959.
> The recession velocity of this galaxy is very ambiguous: RC3 gives
>511 km/s from the radio (H 21cm) observation, besides the optical
>observation obtained the value 25731 km/s. If the former is true, UGC
>8959 is very nearby one. However, the brightness of this galaxy
>supports the latter value.
> Now SN 1999bz is about 17.6 mag, which is rather bright as cz =
>25000 km/s even if it is of type Ia. Followup observations are
>Sincerely Yours,
>Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan