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SETI [ASTRO] Small Spherical Object Of Desire

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>Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 1:31:00 GMT
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>Subject: [ASTRO] Small Spherical Object Of Desire
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>Small spherical object of desire
>Nature Science Update
>The announcement of signs of life elsewhere in the Universe
>-- such as in meteorites from the planet Mars -- may rest on
>the identification of tiny blobs seen in certain minerals as
>the remains of things that once lived.
>Such announcements should be hedged with caution, as
>demonstrated in experiments by Brenda L. Kirkland of the
>University of Texas, Austin, Texas and her colleagues,
>reporting in the April issue of Geology. They have been
>looking at tiny spherical objects found in samples of the
>carbonate mineral calcite, and show that there is no way to
>distinguish between an organic or inorganic source for the
>blobs, just by looking at them.
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