archive: SETI [ASTRO] Mid-Latitude Auroral Activity Watch Active

SETI [ASTRO] Mid-Latitude Auroral Activity Watch Active

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Mon, 03 May 1999 09:40:34 -0400

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>Subject: [ASTRO] Mid-Latitude Auroral Activity Watch Active
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>>From Solar Terrestrial Dispatch -Alberta - Canada
> Daily Summary of Auroral Activity
> ---------------------------------------------
> ** Middle Latitude Auroral Activity Watch is Active **
> Auroral activity remained sporadically active over the last 24
> hours.
> Although conditions have been gradually becoming more favorable for
> observing activity from the upper-middle latitudes, most of the activity
>thus far has continued to remain confined to the high latitude regions.
>However, this could change over the next 24 to 48 hours as a particularly
>noteworthy high-speed solar wind stream from a well-placed coronal hole
>continues to buffet the Earth's magnetosphere. We expect to observe
>additional(perhaps more frequent) periods of auroral substorming over the
>high latitude regions.
>Some of these substorms could also become strong enough to be visible
>from some middle latitude sites, particularly prior to moon-rise in the
>late-evening and near local midnight. As a result, a Middle Latitude
>Auroral Activity Watch is being issued and will remain in effect until
>19:00 UTC on 03 May when activity is expected to have subsided.
> NOTE: High latitude stations are now experiencing adverse seasonal
> twilight conditions. Regular reports from the higher latitude stations
> will therefore cease until later this fall.
> ** End of Aurora Report **