archiv~1.txt: RE: SETI The Extracom Project

RE: SETI The Extracom Project

Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes ( (no email) )
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:26:44 +0100

> A. A 7 Mb executable program designed to display information. For the
> running of this software the Receivers will have to build an
> operational

Now what OS are they targeting??? :)

Seriously, I'd be interested to find out how they plan to do this.

First impressions though "pie in sky" but it is nearly midnight here so I'll
take a more detailed look at it in the morning :-\

Any URLs relating to this project? Did a search and couldn't find anything.

Night-night all

Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes
Argus Station (currently under construction) IO73vf95