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SETI [ASTRO] STARDUST WebChat On April 1 With Tom Duxbury

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>Subject: [ASTRO] STARDUST WebChat On April 1 With Tom Duxbury
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> Real-Time Conversation With People on the STARDUST Project
> Here is an opportunity to meet the people who work on the STARDUST
> project.
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> April 1, 1999
> 10AM - 11AM PST
> (All times in PST. PST = UTC - 8 hours)
> Featured Guest
> Tom Duxbury
> STARDUST Mission Manager
> This Chat is being hosted by the Jason Foundation. The Chat Room
> will be open 30 minutes before the scheduled chat time. IMPORTANT:
> Users must create an account in the Chat Room before they can
> participate in the Chat.
> Thomas C. Duxbury is the Mission Manager for the NASA Discovery
> STARDUST Project, responsible for Navigation, Mission Design, the
> Ground Data System, Science Data Management and Archive,
> Navigation and Mission Operations.
> Tom has actively participated with the Science Imaging Teams of
> Mariners 6, 7, 9, and 10, Viking Orbiters 1 and 2, Viking Lander
> 1, Pioneers 10 and 11, Voyagers 1 and 2, the Soviet PHOBOS Mission
> (PHOBOS 88), Mars Observer (MO), Mars Global Surveyor (MGS), the
> Dod/NASA Clementine Mission and the Russian Mars 96 Mission (Mars
> 96). He was a Viking Orbiter Imaging Team Member, the Team Leader
> of the Viking Phobos/Deimos Encounter Team, a Participating
> Scientist on the MOLA Science Team, a Co-I on the PHOBOS 88
> Orbiter Imaging Teams, and a Member of the Clementine Science
> Team. He has served on many NASA panels and working groups such as
> the NASA Planetary Cartography Working Group and the Russian / US
> Joint Working Group on Solar System Exploration for Mars Mission
> Coordination and Science Data Exchange. He is currently a
> Participating Scientist on the MGS MOLA Science Team and the ESA
> Mars Express Stereo Camera Team, responsible for Mars Global
> Cartography. His roles on these missions have included ground
> system design and testing, navigation, mission and sequence
> planning, instrument modelling and ground and flight geometric
> calibrations, and data analysis for orbital dynamics, surface
> photometry, rotational dynamics and cartographic mapping of
> planets and highly irregularly shaped and rotating satellites.
> For these planetary activities, he has received NASA Group Awards
> for Mariners 6, 7 and 9 Navigation, for leading the Viking
> Phobos/Deimos Encounter Team, for supporting the Pioneer Mission
> Analysis at Jupiter, for supervising the Voyager Planetary and
> Satellite Ephemeris efforts, and for supporting the Viking Public
> Information Office. Additionally, he has received the Institute of
> Navigation Burka Award and the NASA Medal for Exceptional
> Scientific Achievement for his pioneering work on Phobos and
> Deimos. He received the Soviet Flight Control Center medal for his
> support of the PHOBOS 88 Mission. He is listed in American Men and
> Women in Science and in Who's Who in America. He is a speaker for
> the NASA Planetary Geology Speakers Bureau