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SETI [ASTRO] 'Nanobes' Add To Debate Over Life In Universe

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>Subject: [ASTRO] 'Nanobes' Add To Debate Over Life In Universe
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>Nanobes' add to debate over life in universe
>Ultrasmall structures within deep rock could change view of life on Earth,
>By Alan Boyle, MSNBC
> For 2 1/2 years, scientists have debated whether wormlike structures
>found within a meteorite traced back to Mars, known as ALH84001, were
>actually "nanofossils" of ancient extraterrestrial organisms. Skeptics argue
>that the structures were more likely caused by non-biological processes,
>because they were below the minimum size for a functioning, replicating
> The nanobes within the sandstone are not identical to the
>structures within ALH84001 - but they are roughly the same size. So if the
>Queensland results are confirmed, that would lend more weight to the claims
>about nanofossils.
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