archiv~1.txt: Re: SETI-L: Everybody may be afraid & a Answer

Re: SETI-L: Everybody may be afraid & a Answer

Henry Wallace ( (no email) )
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 06:54:42 -0600

Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes <>


> Large data collection over a period of a few hours are not uncommon -
> submarine detection using multiple sonar buoys - there's a sim that
> generates a LOT of data. Processed real-time it isn't too bad - it's
> when you think of sifting through it afterwards that it seems a lot.

Probably an understatement. Ultrasonic data rates are MUCH
less than SETI. Meaningful open-ocean acoustic data only
covers DC to about one megahertz, or a one megahertz
bandwidth. SETIzens, on the other hand, speak of ten
gigahertz being a reasonable search-spectrum...

Henry Wallace