archiv~1.txt: RE: SETI-L: Everybody may be afraid & a Answer

RE: SETI-L: Everybody may be afraid & a Answer

Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes ( (no email) )
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 12:04:37 -0000

> Yes, but what if there is some other fundamental type of wave that
> "aliens" broadcast with? Until Maxwell's laws, we had no ideas about
> electromagnetic waves. What about anti-matter waves?

But what do we do in the meantime? Progress means using EXISTING
technology. No point not banging rocks together and waiting for Zippos.

> Who says aliens will be
> broadcasting anyways? Why
> would they care about broadcsating to us.

So if we persist searching we learn something whether we find a signal or
not - if we don't look, we don't find anything anyway.

> We're assuming the
> aliens are
> much like us, in that they are curious , etc.

Not really, but it is hard not to anthropomorphise ET or cloud judgements
with ethnocentrism.

We obviously
> won't be able
> to understand an alien til we meet one, i dunno,.,.,it just
> seems that
> people aren't using all of the options, and re-using methods that have
> yielded nothing over 30 years of scanning.

With so little of the sky/spectrum covered so far I don't think that we can
really read anything into 30 years - man tried to fly for a lot longer than
30 years before coming up with the solution :)

Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes
Argus Station (currently under construction) IO73vf95