archiv~1.txt: RE: SETI-L: Everybody may be afraid & a Answer

RE: SETI-L: Everybody may be afraid & a Answer

Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes ( (no email) )
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 12:22:49 -0000

> Now, if someone discovers FTL communication tomorrow, those advocating
> FTL communication will claim they were right all along, but in reality
> they will still have been using false reasoning. The one
> case in which
> it would be wrong to dismiss the possibility would be if real
> evidence,
> or an elegant mathematical model made it possible, and
> experiments were
> not carried out to confirm this.

It is nice to see this kind of clear thinking on this list - sci-fi becoming
sci-fact does not mean that the initial idea had any real basis - it is
usually a result of poor parallels being drawn for the benefit of the public
who consume sci-fi AS sci-fact.

Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes
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