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SETI-L: Everybody may be afraid & a Answer

Walt Williams ( (no email) )
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 18:59:34 -0800

Hello Larry,


(as Dr. Shuch has previously stated, "is about microwave search
for ET")

Regarding Dr. Seth Shostak:

He said nothing, (a gentleman :) and what was there to
say? My subject regarded the growing need to perform scientific
Near Earth Studies which is counter to the SETI-Institute's
search model. He could deny the possibility, but there is
growing awareness in NASA:

and formerly:

and other scientific groups that Earth, maybe able to solve some
of the heretofore thought impossible engineering problems which
circumvented speculations about great-distance-travel and the
new awareness allow new speculative thought that Earth could be
visited by an engineering ET specie. Just because Earth is yet
unable to visit extra-solar-system bodies does not preclude the
possibility that others (ET) can not.

Actually, to be precise, I was making comment about,
(in which I worded a question to no one in particular) a paper
having just been presented by Dr. Allen Tough. It was
interesting as well as thought provoking --timely!

During my comment, I turned around and presented my
comment/question in general to the audience behind me, (a
courtesy) as I was in the front and specifically to Seth Shostak
(out of respect, as he is the iconic Father of SETI-Institute
and perceived expert in all things scientifically ET) who was in
the row behind me one or two seats to the left.

Dr. Shostak is very knowledgeable, but seems to be intransitive
to other possible search models?

The above text is my personal opinion --I am not a
representative of the SETI-L, indeed, I am not a formal
member of the organization. I whole heartedly support the ideas
and goals of the SETI-League and the SETI-Institute. However, I
do feel strongly, that we must as a scientific community whose
base goal is the scientific search for technical ET, be open
minded and willing to pursue other possible search.

Best Wishes,

Walt Williams, 99.03.22


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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 14:16:46 -0500
From: Larry Klaes <>
Subject: Re: SETI-L: Everybody may be afraid

At 06:07 PM 03/21/1999 -0800, Walt Williams wrote:

>I asked Seth recently, why the world microwave SETI community is
>afraid to send messages? "presumably they can't get here, so
>what does it matter?"

So what was Seth's response to your question?