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SETI [ASTRO] More Martian Microbes?

Larry Klaes ( )
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 12:07:42 -0500

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>Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 12:41:46 -0400
>From: Arnaldo Arnal <>
>Subject: [ASTRO] More Martian Microbes?
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>Hola Amigos,
>Yesterday we learned from Sky & Telescope, that the Life on Mars? issue
>has been given new life. (please pardon the unintentional pun)
>We have published their good report in ARVAL, at
>, but you can also find it from
>the NASA - JPL Mars Meteorite Home Page, at
> (also linking to other reports
>from the BBC, the Associated Press, and NASA).
>This may not be ETI, but it makes us feel less lonely around here
>Arnaldo Arnal
>Andrés Valencia
>Observatorio ARVAL
>Caracas, Venezuela
>10d N 67d W (UTC-4hrs)