archiv~1.txt: SETI-L: Everybody may be afraid

SETI-L: Everybody may be afraid

Walt Williams ( (no email) )
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 18:07:21 -0800

I asked Seth recently, why the world microwave SETI community is
afraid to send messages? "presumably they can't get here, so
what does it matter?"

The same question holds, why? If they CAN NOT GET HERE why not
send messages? Take a stand. If they can't get here let us send
messages, however, if there is any possibility that Earth COULD
BE VISITED, let us look for them HERE. I am not suggesting a
couple of weeks, perhaps 30 years? Something equivalent to the
(so-far unsuccessful) effort expended by the SETI Community who
does the 'way-out-there' search. Both are important
search models.

I think it would be reasonable to presume based our
demonstrated fear that they may also be uncommunicative near or
far. If they are visiting, they would be at least our peers,
perhaps more so? How would one establish contact with visitors
who are afraid?, and/or don't consider US to be peers?, the
result of a cognitive-mismatch? Perhaps we need be a little
more than clever?

It is all speculative, near search? or far search?, both are
valid until the truth is known and then maybe both
are still valid.

Best Wishes,

Walt Williams, 99.03.21