archiv~1.txt: SETI New starter antenna info required

SETI New starter antenna info required

Lee Wiltshire ( "Lee )
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 18:03:34 +0100


I've recently joined the Seti League, and am in the process of putting
together an Argus station here in England.

I'm looking for information on the optimal type of antenna to use to listen
around 1420MHz, given that planning and XYL restrictions preclude a dish of
any size other than 80cm offset for Sat-tv). I figured that 4 Helices (with
suitable phasing) would be a good compromise (and easier to mount). Can
anyone answer the following questions:

Can anyone suggest anything better?
Are there any designs/notes on Helix antennas available?
Which polarisation (LHCP/RHCP) would be better for compatibility with
others' systems?
I'm planning on mounting the antennas in a fixed position - how should I go
about verifying the pointing angle?

Many thanks,

//Lee (G0IAY)