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Re: (eS) Mars Face & SETI ...

Dr. H. Paul Shuch ( (no email) )
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 21:47:40 -0500

At 05:31 PM 3/14/99 -0500, Larry Klaes forwarded:

>>SETI is now offering memberships to help fund its activities. Memberships
>>start at $35 per year, and come with some unique perks.

Of course, what that article really means is that the *SETI Institute*, a
group of very competent professional radio astronomers, is offering
memberships. The SETI *League*, the premier grass-roots amateur SETI
organization, has been taking memberships for four years! The big
difference is, our members are doing good science. Their members are being
asked to pay the bills so the pros can do science.
Since our charter memberships originally cost $35, and our supporting
memberships are currently priced there, one concludes that the SETI
Institute got this idea from the same place they got the original notion to
use TVRO dishes for SETI.
I wish the people who write these articles would realize that "SETI" is
not an organization, but a science, and that no group owns exclusive use of
it. Of course "SETI" sells memberships!

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