archiv~1.txt: SETI-Grid Square Locators

SETI-Grid Square Locators

Noel C. Welstead ( (no email) )
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 09:03:32 +1000

Sear SETIzens,

About a week ago Dr Paul asked me to check out the grid square locator
program that is on the AARL site, in particular accuracy of the program
for the Southern Hemisphere.

I have spent some time looking at this and would like to post some links

that describe this system for those who are a bit unsure of how it all

The AARL locator appears to supply the correct square location for my
station as does a few others. Some of the programs require you to put
in data that uses either plus (no sign) or (-) for south so if you are
careful you will get the wrong location. Also, some of the data is a
bit hard to read on the screen as the fonts are a little small. In any
case you
should print out the page if unsure of the characters just to get it


These are good places to check out the system and how it works. I would
recommend that you check your location on all three sites before
where you are.

Regards Noel C. Welstead
Volcor Brisbane Australia
Grid Square QG62LL