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Re: SETI Quote of the Day for March 9, 1999
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 12:39:35 EST

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> But then Mayr goes on to generalize that statement to
> making 'the prevalence of life' exceedingly improbable. That's where he
> and I part company.

Boy oh boy. A core concept of Seti. People really need to know a couple of
things if they are going to make conclusions.

1. The probability of life is ...... one. Life is a certainty.
2. The universe is stupefyingly large. (I searched my mind for an appropriate
adjective. None come to mind that are adequate.)
3. If the universe is infinite, then there are infinite numbers of intelligent
civ's. The argument is based in number theory.

People who conclude that we are alone, simply don't understand the size of the

John Marcus.