archiv~1.txt: SETI Range Rats: The Supporting Story

SETI Range Rats: The Supporting Story

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Mon, 08 Mar 1999 13:42:10 -0500

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>Subject: Range Rats: The Supporting Story
>X-Comment: Friends and Partners in Space
>We all know that astronauts and cosmonauts went into space. Heck, some of us
>helped suit them up or even talked to them.
>But how many people know of the incredible support they received from
>numerous radar, telemetry, ships and remote tracking stations flung around
>the world?
> It is time to tell our story.
> Send this message to all of your friends who, in one way or the other,
>technically supported the "race into space" from 1955 to 1976.
> Have them simply reply to this message and add their story.
> I am interested in their "interesting stories" of what tracking station,
>ship, remote site they worked on. What did they do. They can get as
>technical as they want, but keep the classified parts, I actually understand
>that stuff. What period of time. How did they pass the time thousands of
>miles from home, on some God forsaken island or remote site passing time or
>passing out. How did they kill time (On Kwajalein we used to have hermit
>crab races). On Oahu's tracking station they played "pie cow."
> All of you who used to work for PANAM, RCA, Vetro, IT&T, Kentron
>International, Sylvania, and all of the other subcontractors who ran the
>ranges, manned the ships, and picked up the pieces let's put together a
> If I get ambitious I might build a web site called, "Range Rats."
> Did you hear the one about the guys who took a boat out to one of the
>outer islands to have a beer party? At the end of the day they came back
>and the next day they kept asking where's Paul? After another day they went
>back to the island and found Paul about two days into 3rd degree sun burns.
>Luckily Paul was feeling kina woozy so the pain wasn't too bad. Or, the
>story at a remote radar site where two guys decided to bet who could go the
>longest without a shower. Well, maybe we can skip that story, it will
>frighten the children.
> cwdonald