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SETI [ASTRO] NASA Hosts 30th Lunar And Planetary Science Conference

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>March 4, 1999
>Laura Rochon
>Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
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>Special "Planetary Scientists Meet the Press" Workshop set for March 14
>New evidence regarding the possibility that an ocean once existed on
>Mars will be among this year's topics of interest at the 30th Annual
>Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC), March 15-19. The
>conference, which is chaired by Carl B. Agee and David C. Black, will be
>held at Johnson Space Center's Gilruth Center and the University of
>Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL).
>The "Planetary Scientists Meet the Press" workshop at the Lunar and
>Planetary Institute (LPI) on Sunday, March 14 will kick off the week's
>activities. The workshop will bring together scientists and journalists
>to foster more effective communication of scientific information to the
>Technical sessions will be held at the Gilruth Center, including oral
>presentations on continuing investigations of the Martian meteorites,
>results from the Mars Global Surveyor mission, discussions about
>astrobiology and origins of life in the Universe, findings about
>Jupiter's moon Europa, and goals for near-future Mars missions (the Mars
>Surveyor 2001 orbiter, lander and rover, and the European Space Agency's
>Mars Express). A special plenary session featuring the Masursky Lectures
>will highlight the scientific and technical accomplishments made during
>the Galileo mission to the Jovian system, and preview Cassini's
>exploration of the Saturnian system.
>Special sessions will include the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR)
>flyby of the asteroid Eros, new views of our Moon by the Clementine
>probe, and Lunar Prospector's mapping and measurements of the magnetic
>and gravity fields of the Moon's surface. New perspectives on Mars
>Global Surveyor results regarding Martian volcanism, possible lakes and
>oceans, the planetís polar regions and other terrain will be discussed,
>as well as future missions to understand how Earth-like planets form and
>evolve to become habitable. Poster presentations are scheduled for
>Tuesday and Thursday evenings at UHCL's Bayou Building.
>Additional information on the conference events including registration
>and text of abstracts can be found at the LPI website:
>To register for the media workshop, contact Pam Thompson by e-mail
>( or by phone at: 281/486-2175.
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