archiv~1.txt: SETI NSS Ad Astra Astrobiology Issue (January/February 1999),

SETI NSS Ad Astra Astrobiology Issue (January/February 1999),

Larry Klaes ( )
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 10:36:34 -0500

Editor's note: The following articles
are presented here in their final
form before having been edited to
meet size constraints of the printed
issue. Several of the articles from
this issue are also online at the
National Space Society website in
their final, printed form.

* Overview, by Keith Cowing Ad Astra Guest Editor

* Eulogy for Joseph Zelibor, by Rita Collwell, Director, National Science
Foundation (NSF)

* Toilets of the Gods or The Colonization of Space, by Sir Arthur
C. Clarke

* Astrobiology 101:Exploring the Living Universe, by Mitchell K.
Hobish and Keith Cowing

* Ex astra: Life from the Stars: Organic chemistry amidst the stars, by
Michael Meyer

* It's dead Jim. But was it ever alive? The ALH84001 announcement at
T+2 years: How well does this piece of Mars meet accepted criteria for
evidence of ancient life?, by Everett K. Gibson, Jr., David S. McKay,
Kathie Thomas-Keprta, Frances Westall, and Christopher A. Romanek

* The Search for Extremophiles on Earth and Beyond: What is extreme
here may be just business-as-usual elsewhere, by Penelope Boston

* Bring Em Back Alive -- Or At Least Carefully: Planetary Protection
Provisions for Sample Return Missions, by Margaret S. Race and John D. Rummel

* Earth Is a Planet, Too! Inhabited Worlds: It takes one to know one,
by Mitchell K. Hobish

* Robots Vs Humans in Space: BOTH Will be Required, by Gregory
Schmidt and Michael Hawes